Void ray in action, creating a "Death Ray of Death."

The void ray is a powerful protoss flying ranged unit.

Overview Edit

The void ray's in-game damage to armored units is greatly exaggerated in StarCrafts, being able to destroy any armored unit and structure in seconds with its death ray or prismatic beam as shown in the episode "UnaVOIDable" and even destroy full-size stars as shown in "PvP". Their weaknesses are non-armored units such as marines and hydralisks.

When the void rays' prismatic beam are turned off, their rays are shown to be leaked like water.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike in StarCraft II, void rays' prismatic beam in this episode are exaggerated like "kamehameha wave" used in Dragonball series.
  • The void ray's extremely exaggerated power may be a reference to players' common complaints that void rays are overpowered.

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