Laughing Viper

A viper

is the zerg aerial support unit.

Overview Edit

Vipers are the newest zerg strain first appeared in "Heart of the Swarm Opening." They usually assist zerg swarm during the attack by casting blinding cloud on opposing foes so that the latter wouldn't see and fight back easily. Using special abduct ability captures either a friendly or enemy ground or air unit, even massive ones, and retracts to their current location.

When running out of energy, they consume any of friendly zerg structures using a drinking straw.

Appearance Edit

Vipers are like winged hydralisks as they have wings. Instead of clawed arms, they have hands to hold things like straw. Their tongues are used, unlike flexible intestines, to grab and pull any unit towards its location. Their heads are different as they have longer teeth and wider mouth.

Known Viper Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Only one viper appears when few episodes feature zerg race. Laughing Viper is the only viper in the entire StarCrafts series, possibly betraying purple zerg alongside Derpfestor.

See Also Edit

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