Season 1, Episode 9
Publication date January 31, 2016
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Heroes of the Dorm (2016)
UnBEARable is the ninth episode of the first season of HeroStorm.

Plot Edit


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The episode begins with Rexxar entering the battlefield with Misha and following a trail of footprints leading into a steam vent. The scene cuts to Nazeebo bribing some mercernaries. Suddenly, a flare with a camera attached is thrown in. Nazeebo looks at the camera and taps on the screen. Rexxar suddenly appears and hits Nazeebo with Misha. Nazeebo escapes with Rexxar following. One of the mercernaries without money tries to get another to share his money but he refuses, leaving him sad.

Rexxar grabs a bird and throws it at an escaping Nazeebo, stunning him while Rexxar finishes him off. Suddenly, Misha is shot by a blue tower. Rexxar hands Misha a crutch. He then sees a small bird on the ground and smiles with delight. He throws the bird at a fort, instantly destroying it. Suddenly, Rexxar sees an approaching Artanis, Leoric and Noobther. He orders Misha to attack them and escapes, leaving Misha to be killed by them.

Epilogue Edit

Rexxar goes to a pet store and buys another bear, which he drags out of the pet shop kicking and roaring.

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Trivia Edit

  • UnBEARable is an obvious pun on the term "unbearable".
  • The label on the flare's camera, "Cam Cam", may be a reference to the Can Can, a famous dance.