The ultralisk is an extremely powerful and durable zerg assault unit.

Description Edit

Ultralisks in StarCrafts have extremely exaggerated power and health, being able to endure heavy damage from even the most powerful or numerous enemies (with the exception of immortals) and charge straight through hordes of enemies and even buildings. Their large size is a source of many visual gags, such as being able to hatch from an egg several times smaller than its body or being able to be loaded into overlords in Uneggspected and Overlord Overload respectively.


Appearance Edit

Ultralisks in StarCrafts have a simplified, cartoony design compared to actual ultralisks. They have a brown body and a team-colored tongue. Like many zerg units, they have "teeth". Similarly to Derpfestor, ultralisks almost always have their tongues stuck out.

Personality Edit

Spawning pool party ultralisk

Ultralisks' personalities resemble that of large but dimwitted dogs. They are usually oblivious of their surroundings, as shown in Spawning Pool Party.

Notable Ultralisks Edit

Trivia Edit

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