Tiny Tim
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Vital statistics
Aliases None
Race Zerg
Gender Male
Affiliation Purple zerg, locust
Allies Unknown
Enemies Red Team

Blue terran Blue protoss

Status Active
Debut A StarCrafts Carol

Tiny Tim is a locust appearing in "A StarCrafts Carol."

History Edit

Tiny Tim appears in the endless locust battle from "ZvZ" when Tassadar shows Zeratul the present state of StarCraft. Unfortunately, shortly after being introduced by Tassadar, Tiny Tim times out and explodes.

Despite his death, Tiny Tim later appears in the end of the episode unharmed with Zeratul in the dinner party. He sprouts wings and says "Blizzard, buff us everyone!".

Personality Edit

Tiny Tim, along with other locusts, still follows the swarm host command but he is revealed to be cute and cuddly, even supportive for Zeratul at the end of "A StarCrafts Carol."

Trivia Edit

  • Tiny Tim is an obvious reference to a character in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol of the same name. However, instead of being an important character in the story, Tiny Tim dies seconds after his introduction in "A StarCrafts Carol."
    • Tiny Tim's line, "Blizzard, buff us everyone!", is a reference to Tiny Tim's line in A Christmas Carol: "God, bless us everyone!".
  • Tiny Tim is one of the only zerg units capable of speaking English, including the hydralisks, queens, zerglings and ultralisks in "The Twelve Days of StarCrafts."
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