The Creation is the first episode in WowCraft series.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with an orc waking up when the clock sets the day. As the orc checks the calendar, the "Today's the day" is marked at "deadsday" column. He took his red fabric as loincloth and stool leg as club, and he looks at the mirror to practice his charisma. The practice turns out to be a warcry.

He goes into the barbershop where a goblin presents him various hairdos: long braided hair, spikehead, pigtails, and bald (and puts on a small ponytail), in which which he approves a ponytail.

The orc then marches to the "Class selection" booth and shows him a hint paper with a scribble of himself axing on gnome. The goblin in the booth gives him the card: the warrior class.

He is shown wearing a high-level warrior-class armor as shown on the card, but after the snapshot, the armor is actually an illustration on the face-in-hole chalkboard. Finally, he stands at the name creation vending machine. As he inputs his name, "Pwnstar", the machine answers, "name taken." He enters another name, "Kickaxe" but it is already taken. Therefore, he presses the "random" button instead to randomly obtain third one, but at same result.

The camera zooms out until the map of Azeroth and then the smiley globe on "WowCraft" logo, while the orc tries to get random name.

Epilogue Edit

Orc finally enters "Tobrac."

Characters Edit

  • Tobrac (debut)
  • Goblins
  • Troll

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first WowCraft episode since the special announcement was done on April 2, 2013, the day after April Fools' Day.
    • However, WowCraft series was shelved due to working on StarCrafts Season 2 and his studying on computer animating.
  • The orc's chosen name, "Tobrac" is the reversed name for "Carbot."

In-game References Edit

  • Tobrac's burdened name creation is a reference to the most of new World of WarCraft players' frequent difficulty in choosing names when they are already taken by another player.

Video Edit

WowCraft Episode 1 the Creation

WowCraft Episode 1 the Creation