The Bane
Season 1, Episode 21
The bane
Air date January 12, 2013
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The Bane is the twenty-first episode in the first season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

At the bunker, the marine points the Xel'naga tower for the marine guard to defend on, and he lends him a rifle and a lunchbox. Both salutes each other. As the assigned marine takes over the tower, he takes a snack with sandwich from the box. He uses the binoculars to see the destroyed protoss base captured by terran army, fleeing Bob the Ragelot carrying a pylon, followed by the last probe, and hopping zergling to play with an overlord. While looking, a baneling steps into the picture, frightening the marine to climb on the tower safely. The baneling eats his sandwich, and it rolls toward a regiment of marines. They scatter for safety from the perilous zerg unit, but they find it is gone. As they regroup, the baneling unburrowed and detonated with acid, melting them to death.

The assigned marine witnesses the fear, and now he is surrounded by a pack of zerglings. The scene cuts to the bunker occupied by an idle marine, where the tower is deactivated and the yelling is heard.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Xel'naga tower is returned since its first appearance in "Attention Seeker"
  • A short scene of protoss base occupied by terran army is reused from "Epic Mule Time".
  • When a group of marines encounter a baneling, their weapons suddenly vanish.
  • In reality, two banelings are required to kill a marine in the game.

Cultural Reference Edit

  • One of the group of marines does a leg split on the air before scattering, the reference to old cartoon characters with a surprised reaction.

Video Edit

StarCrafts Episode 21 the Bane

StarCrafts Episode 21 the Bane

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