Team Battle
Season 1, Episode 6
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Publication date November 21, 2015
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Team Battle is the sixth episode of the first season of HeroStorm.
Team Battle

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Plot Edit

The episode begins with Johanna being attacked by Arthas, Diablo, Kerrigan and Illidan. However, due to her extremely high defensive stats, she is hardly affected. She slowly walks away from the battle. Diablo attempts to drag her back but ends up being dragged into the blue team, composed of Raynor, Nazeebo, Valla and Stitches. Diablo is quickly killed. Suddenly, he resurrects himself and comes back for more, but is immediately hooked by Stitches and killed again. The teams charge at each other. Johanna uses Shield Glare, blinding Arthas, Kerrigan and Illidan. Arthas and Kerrigan are confused when Illidan is affected, as he is blindfolded. Kerrigan uses Primal Grasp on Raynor to pull him to her and hugs him, making Raynor affectionate. However, Kerrigan changes her mind and uses Impaling Blades to impale him. Valla shoots Gazlowe, causing him to flee. Nazeebo chases Arthas with spiders. Illidan uses Hunt on Stitches and leaps toward him but ends up falling into his stomach. Kerrigan uses Maelstrom while Valla uses Strafe to launch hundreds of arrows. Stitches is once again hit by hundreds of Gazlowe's tennis ball turrets. An injured Raynor activates Adrenaline Rush, healing his wounds. Suddenly, Gazlowe, Kerrigan and Arthas look up to see that Raynor has somehow called the Hyperion into the underground mines. They flee in horror. The Hyperion surfaces from the mines, breaking through the ground and knocking over Arthas. Arthas attempts to flee but is shot by the Hyperion.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

References Edit

  • Kerrigan hugging Raynor is a reference to their relationship in the StarCraft series.
  • Valla spinning around like a tornado may be a reference to the Tasmanian Devil's spin from Looney Tunes".

Continuity Edit

  • Illidan once again fails to use The Hunt on Stitches, previously seen in "Illidumb Hunting".
  • Stitches is attacked by Gazlowe's turrets in the same way he was in "GazlOWNED".
  • Arthas and Nazeebo continue their fight from "Nazeebro".



HeroStorm Ep 6 Team Battle

HeroStorm Ep 6 Team Battle