Swarm host is a zerg burrowing siege unit that spawns locusts.

Overview Edit

Swarm hosts have been used rarely as support units and defenses in order to retract incoming enemies. They also let any number of locust hitch a ride (before were nerfed to avoid being collided by them), but sometimes they step on them ignorantly. They teach them where to attack a target straightforward without changing their direction. They act basically like cynical, deadbeat mothers who just want their kids to go march to their deaths already (given they have a lifespan of only a few minutes, it's not likely their host gets attached to them anyway.)

Appearance Edit

First appeared on "A Swarm Welcome", swarm hosts are shaped like mushrooms with circular globes planted on its cap, except with legs and head. Their heads shape like hydralisk's, but their expressions are shown to be grumpy in most situations. When burrowing, they leave their caps exposed so that they can extract unlimited number of enduring locusts (flying locusts in Legacy of the Void expansion)

Personality Edit

Swarm hosts may be annoyed when a locust bursts at their faces, and wipes their fluid off. As they are connected to hive minds, they urge locusts to take action in combats when locusts play around them.

Trivia Edit

  • Swarm hosts were nerfed in April 9, 2015 at nearly three weeks before their first appearance in "A Swarm Welcome", including the spawning the ability and locusts. Details can be shown here.
  • Swarm hosts created the background of Endless Locusts, starting "ZvZ" until "Alliance Part 2".
  • Swarm hosts are sometimes punned as "host" of the party in few cases, such as "A StarCrafts Carol".

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