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Swag Templar is the recurring high templar in StarCrafts series.

Biography Edit


Swag Templar feedbacks a medivac

Swag templar made his first appearance in "Undermine the Overmind" where he saved the dark templar from overseer's detection, using feedback ability. He was shown resting on the warp prism after he snapped his fingers to cast the said ability, and gestures thumbs-up at the dark templar to work together.

In "Power Overwhelming", he was in battle mode. He cast two psionic storms on numerous marines and one feedback on medivac dropship with a power grip. He collided with the dark templar to warp in as the archon, unleashing overwhelming force to make the terran units fly away.

In "Overlord Overload", he was shown watching the oracle's head which is a reflection to the red overlord and nydus worm throwing up the red zerg swarm, until he was hit by them.

In "Alliance", he survived the explosion of their main protoss base when he, Bob the Ragelot, stalkers, sentry and colossus were blasted away by Red Team's mass recall. He prepared for the final fight with blue terran and purple zerg until the ghost's intervention and warning about the massive Red Team. Later, he saved Bob the Ragelot from pack of red zerglings trying to devour him. After giving him a thumbs-up and saying not to falter, he pointed at a few of red battlecruisers with feedback.

Personality Edit

Much like Bob's appearance except for blue scarf (or cape), helmet, bare hands and levitation, he is shown to be dégagé, supportive, powerful and gleeful (but sometimes cold) when it comes to battling other races with his protoss brethren.

Trivia Edit

  • Swag Templar was given by some fans as "swag" because of his attitude in "Undermine the Overmind."
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