Siege tank provides armored terran infantry, support and mobile powerful long-ranged firepower.

Overview Edit

Siege tanks

Siege tank in Season 2

Siege tanks started their battlefront in "Heart of the Swarm Opening" as the terran line of defense against rushes. But if the rush is extravagant, they would be outnumbered. They are sometimes used by terran armies to defend the base and to offend against distant zerg and protoss units and buildings.

To become siege mode, they must first spread their tracking wheels apart and withdraw their mounts that hold their position from firepower's kinetic force (removed in Season 3 to simplify the siege tanks' design). The cannon turret is stretched to activate 180 mm shock cannon as main weapon and to allow exhaust vents, needed for the removal of weapon's heat. After firing the cannon, it takes time to cool down in 2.8 seconds before blasting another.

When switching to mobile mode, they draw their mounts and turn their wheels back to parallel position. The cannon is lowered, using 90 mm twin cannons for short-ranged but quicker attacks.

Appearance Edit

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Siege tanks in Season 3

Siege tanks are box-shaped tanks with a simple cannon turret on its hull and four linked wheels on their corner. They are similar to modern warfare's military tanks on Earth. In siege mode, they tower itself with four wheels apart and their cannons are extended to become multi-directional.

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