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The following is a list of rules that concern new pages and edits for CarBot Animations' StarCrafts, WowCraft, HeroStorm, etc. for this wiki.


Since it is free for anyone to create new pages, contribute information and add trivia, this wiki concerns general information about CarBot Animation's cartoon series.

Page Editing

  • Italize original game titles, company and main CarBot Animations projects.
  • The subject of every article at the first paragraph should be bold.

Article Requirements

  • Episodes
    • Plot summary is required for every episode of the series. It should be detailed enough in every scene from the beginning to the plot and finally the ending, Characters that are featured in the episode should be mentioned. Cameos should not be added as they are not part of the story except only in special appearance and easter egg.
    • Trivia is also needed in order to
  • Units
  • Characters
  • List of episodes

Comments section


Strictly said, there are things that a user should follow:

Page Editing

  • Do not capitalize unit names and races except the Blizzard's heroes, characters and places.
  • Vandalism is forbidden as it is commonly against literary rules. Do not post unwanted stories, quotes and off-topic articles.
  • Do not use first person for every article when it pertains viewers and CarBot Animation fans.
  • Do not overuse/repeat words to avoid wordiness and the repetition of word usage.

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