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Roach is a basic zerg ranged unit.

Overview Edit

Roaches are fundamentals of zerg ranged units (as in tier 1) since they are morphed first when roach warren is available. This is why hydralisks are considered stronger than roaches, as they require structures lair and hydralisk den.

They attack by throwing acid saliva, or by throwing up on enemies. They move and fight alongside swarm of zerglings. However, unlike hydralisks, they cannot attack air units as in-game logic implies.

In "ZvZ", they can be wearily depleted as they run out of acid unless the queen would heal using transfusion.

Appearance Edit

Roaches are six-legged zerg units with two blades stalked on their backs, but they have two eyes unlike in StarCraft II with a third middle eye, and no spikes. They have zigzag lower mouth as teeth.

Trivia Edit

  • Roaches are more recurred zerg ranged units than hydralisks in StarCrafts series.
  • Unlike the other units the roach has only been minimally "cute-ified", still resembling the original but with only two eyes, not three.
  • Roaches can laugh as shown in "Legacy of the Void Opening".

See Also Edit

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