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A queen holding a zergling

The queen is a zerg support unit.

Description Edit

Queens are often seen around the zerg hive clusters, performing duties such as spawning larvae and guarding the drones from raiders. Their slow movement off creep is extremely exaggerated in Beat by Creep. In much the same way as Hydralisks, Queens are capable of spitting needles at enemies on the ground or in the air, although they aren't ideal fighting creatures.

Appearance Edit

Queens have a brown body with team-colored webbing between their legs. They have two sharp "wings" protruding from their thoraxes used for defending themselves. Queens frequently have a happy facial expression, but can put on a fierce and ferocious angry face at the drop of a dime, such as when their beloved drones are being harassed by raiders.

Personality Edit

Queens serve as maternal figures for the zerg in combination with hydralisks who serve as the paternal figures. They are frequently featured staying home at the hive cluster to spread creep, spawn more larvae, and heal other zerg. They also take care of the hive cluster in more motherly ways such as by bathing and grooming zerglings.

Queens have cheerful personalities until their hive cluster is threatened by outsiders. Often when other zerg under their care are attacked, the queen flies into a violent rage and furiously attacks the offending intruder. Sadly, Queens don't often get to protect their young successfully, as they are often beaten to a pulp or killed near-instantly.

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