Not to be confused with WowCraft episode, PVP.

Season 3, Episode 11
Air date August 10, 2014
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PvP is the eleventh episode of the third season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

The episode begins where "Burning Tide Part 2" left off, with Bob the Ragelot attacking a battlecruiser's crew, causing the battlecruiser to crash in lava and explode. However, the camera zooms in on the upper right corner seconds before the explosion, revealing a mothership core, which recalls Bob to a blue nexus, leaving Bob confused. "PvP" appears over his head.

An horde of red stalkers approaches the blue protoss base. A blue sentry creates a force field to block the base's choke point, preventing the stalkers from entering. In a Dragon Ball-esque scene, two red high templars merge into an archon, which the stalkers use to break the force field. The blue mothership core uses photon overcharge on the nexus, repelling the red stalkers. A single immortal walks up to the nexus ignoring its attacks and punches the nexus. It picks up the nexus (revealing a group of probes having a birthday party) and throws it off a cliff, but not before the blue executor escapes and climbs on the cliff.

Bob attacks the red immortal and drives it out of his base. Suddenly, he sees a red protoss deathball approaching. In an act of bravery and recklessness, he charges toward the deathball alone but is run over by his own team's deathball. The two deathballs repeatedly smash into each other, repeatedly crushing Bob. Eventually, the blue deathball prevails. The blue team cheers.

Suddenly, red void rays appear. The void rays incinerate the blue forces with a laser of exaggerated size, which goes out into space and knocks down a sun.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode reveals that Bob the Ragelot did not actually die in "Burning Tide Part 2". When the battlecruiser he raided fell onto the lava, he was saved by mothership core on top right corner of the screen using mass recall ability right before the ship's explosion.
  • Probes having a birthday party is a reference to StarCrafts and CarBot Animations's fourth anniversary.
  • This is the only "Race vs. Race" episode that does not end in a stalemate.
  • Void rays are shown facing behind the sun, but when one of them triggers an enormous laser, it aims IN FRONT of the sun on the next scene.

In-game References Edit

  • The red executor repeatedly pressing "A" is a reference to the key for commanding attacks being "A", as in A-moving.
  • This episode shows the overly-exaggerated version of void ray's prismatic beam, larger than that in "UnaVOIDable".

Cultural References Edit

  • The high templars fusing is a reference to fusion dance in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Bob the Ragelot running on the blue deathball is a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest where Jack Sparrow runs on the dismembered giant wheel.
  • Two deathballs slamming each other is a reference to Beyblade series.
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