Probe-phobic SCV is a regular SCV who constructs structures and collects minerals. 


The Probe-phobic SCV is first seen in the very first episode of StarCrafts, ProbelemHe is first seen constructing an unidentified structure until a Probe passes by making noise behind him, causing him to turn around. He continues building until the probe attacks him, scaring him off.

He reappeared in Got 99 Probelems constructing a Barracks until a probe made a noise, startling the SCV, but ignores it and continues building. After he is finished building, he turns around only to realize that the probe has sneaked into his base and warped in photon cannons, which destroy the base. The episode ends as he stares at the destruction of the base.


As his name implies, the Probe-phobic SCV is easily scared by probes. He is shown to be somewhat lazy or bad at building, as evidenced by his poorly built barracks in Got 99 Probelems.