Selfie Probes

The Probe is the basic construction protoss unit who collects minerals and vespene gas.

Known Probes Edit

  • Selfie probe/s ("A Miner Probelem" and StarCrafts Mod's probe portrait only)
  • Green probe/Grinch probe ("The True Meaning of StarCraft" and episode 17 as a cameo only)
  • Red probe (Season 3 only)
  • Probius

Trivia Edit

  • The probe's design has been simplified in "Valentine's Day Special", turning them to ball-shaped units with a plated eyebrow.
  • The probe's attack strength has been reduced in the beginning of season 3, under "Not Enough Minerals".
  • On "A Miner Probelem", the selfie probes have been used in the StarCrafts Mod for the unit portrait.



probe season 1-2 look

See Also Edit

  • Probe on StarCraft Wiki

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