Phoenix Down
Season 1, Episode 22
Phoenix down
Air date January 19, 2012
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Phoenix Down is the twenty-second episode in the first season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

Two overlords bump each other. When a phoenix shot two out of three overlords ahead, one floats away and another excretes creep. They stick together over the zerg hive cluster in fear. As one phoenix arrives, spore crawlers defeat one. Two more phoenixes approach, and one gazes at the band of overlords embracing each other nervously, so he "keeps his eye on them". As he looks to the right, the corruptor engages to devour him. He backs off and shoots at it, but to no effect, so he speeds away to the cliffs and hides from view. As it goes away, he continues the annoyance on two overlords. The corruptor surprisingly comes by and crushes him into its snapping beaks.

Epilogue Edit

The third phoenix fearfully zooms off from the corruptor gnawing the pieces off..

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There are three phoenixes on the episode, although one was destroyed at the end of "Attention Seeker". It may be possibly a new phoenix warped in.
  • As the scene cuts to zerg hive cluster, a drone is shown burrowing.
    • Two drones are seen burrowed in front of the mineral field.
  • Oddly, after spore crawlers destroy the first phoenix, they don't attack the last two.

In-game Refrences Edit

  • Air units attacking overlords is something that zerg players do quite often.
  • The corrupter, whose attacks are only ranged in the game, has a melee attack that actually fits the looks of the unit itself.

Cultural Reference Edit

  • Title of this episode is a reference to the revive item from Final Fantasy series.
  • When the scene cuts to corruptor, it suddenly attacks in front of the screen. It may be a possible reference to science fiction horror film Alien where the xenomorph screams in front of the camera.

Video Edit

StarCrafts episode 22 Phoenix Down

StarCrafts episode 22 Phoenix Down

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