Patchling (also known as Patch Zergling) is a recurring zergling throughout the StarCrafts series.

Patchling with Sgt. Patches rear end


The Patchling debuted in Zerg BM, where he chased off a marine to a bunker and then ripping off the marine's rear end, which made Sgt. Patches exist.

The Patchling is then occasionally seen in cameos in different episodes carrying Sgt. Patches clothing or coughing up some pieces of the fabric.

Patchling a zergling that happens to be in the same overlord as Crackhead and reaper who saved him before they both accidentally enter the overlord. Throughout Season 6, the three reside inside it.

It was until Deep Trouble where they get out of the zerg transport and break into a planetary fortress. There, the two terrans are being held by an adjutant residing in the building. It was Patchling that manages to free them both by biting off the neural parasite cord that has been stuck to her the whole time.

Trivia Edit

  • Patchling is coined as "Dat One Zergling" by CarBot Animations in the second update of StarCrafts Mod.
    • Patchling will be included in StarCrafts Mod as the first zergling spawned in any zerg player.
  • As of Season 6 Episode 0, Patchling and Crackhead are on friendly terms, as they are stuck in an overlord with burnt leg reaper. Crackhead pets patchling, and the patchling behaves like a dog to him. They reside inside the overlord ever since, until Deep Trouble part 2, where they get out and break into a planetary fortress.
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