Vital statistics
Aliases Patch Zergling, Dat One Zergling
Race Zerg
Gender Unknown
Affiliation Purple Zerg
Allies Purple Zerg, Blue Terran (Alliance), Blue Protoss (Alliance)
Enemies Blue Terran, Blue Protoss
Status Active
Debut Zerg BM

Patchling (also known as Patch Zergling) is a recurring zergling throughout the StarCrafts series.

Patchling with Sgt. Patches rear end


The Patchling debuted in Zerg BM, where he chased off a marine to a bunker and then ripping off the marine's rear end, which made Sgt. Patches exist.

The Patchling is then occasionally seen in cameos in different episodes carrying Sgt. Patches clothing or coughing up some pieces of the fabric.

Trivia Edit

  • Patchling is coined as "Dat One Zergling" by CarBot Animations in the second update of StarCrafts Mod.
    • Patchling will be included in StarCrafts Mod as the first zergling spawned in any zerg player.
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