Overseer 2

An overseer and an undisguised changeling

The overseer is an aerial zerg support detector unit.

Description Edit

Overseers are morphed from overlords and appear in many episodes to provide detection and record game results. They can also cast changelings, which jot down enemy base information on notepads. When they see cloaked units, they point at them using their claws, allowing the zerg swarm and friendly units to attack them.

Appearance Edit

Overseers are team-colored with three eyes and eight tentacles. Instead of antennae, they possess mustaches.

Personality Edit


Like their parent units, overseers are shown to be somewhat apathetic to most situations.

They appear to enjoy stereotypical "gentleman" activities such as drinking tea and reading books.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the overseers have a mouth revealed in "Legacy of the Void Opening".
  • When an overseer casts contaminate ability, the slime as a troll face, one of the famous meme faces on internet.

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