Overlord Overload
Season 3, Episode 22
Air date April 18, 2015
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Overlord Overload is the twenty-second episode in the third season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

A red queen yells at a drone to mutate. The drone refuses, as it has fallen in love with a spore crawler, but eventually complies and morphs into a nydus network. One hydralisk is excited but is quickly put off by the horrible smell of the inside.

On a distant cliff, one overlord signals another one to spawn a nydus worm. A nydus worm emerges from the ground and lets out a colossal roar, but the overlord slaps it and signals it to be quiet. The nydus worm then begins transporting the zerg army. Some blue protoss are seen watching the nydus worm on an oracle like a crystal ball but the zerg crushes them before they realize it. The zerg then begin destroying the protoss base until a mothership core recalls a protoss army to the nexus. The zerg then decide to retreat and run to the nydus worm, who shoves them into its mouth. Bob the Ragelot charges toward the nydus worm and kills it, which falls over on him and crushes him. However, one ultralisk did not escape. The protoss deathball then rolls toward it to kill it. The overlord signals the ultralisk to come over. The ultralisk then shoves itself into the overlord to be transpoted, but it is so massive its rear end still protrudes from its ventral sacs. The overlord then attempts to fly away but is slowly dragged down a cliff by the ultralisk's weight. The deathball rolls off the cliff in an attempt to kill the overlord but falls off and explodes. The overlord is then slowly dragged down.

Trivia Edit

  • The overlord signalling to spawn a nydus worm is a reference to players commonly using overlords to spot areas to spawn nydus worms.
  • The overlord silencing the nydus worm is a reference to the nydus worm's loud roar when spawning.
  • The red proxy zealot can still be seen standing by the cliff.