Season 1, Episode 10
Air date October 20, 2012
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Halloween Special 2012

Onslaught is the tenth episode in the first season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

In a zerg expansion base, two spine crawlers play a card game while Derpfestor is watching. immortal walks in to fight them. The creep crawlers stab it repeatedly but their attacks have little effect due to hardened shields. With exaggeratedly high damage against armored targets, the immortal destroys the spine crawler in one hit. The other spine crawler tries to escape but the immortal shoots it as well. Bob the Ragelot and some sentries join in. A group of zerglings sees the incoming threat and run over to defend, but are blocked by the sentry's force field. Bob runs over to the second spine crawler, who is hanging off the cliff with its impaler tentacle, and stomps on its grip, forcing it to let go and fall off. The zealot then attacks the hatchery with burrowed drones, but the hatchery punches him with its claw.

Derpfestor throws an infested swarm egg at the immortal, but the immortal blasts him away with a single blast. An infested marine hatches and begins shooting him, but the immortal kills it in one shot. The immortal destroys the hatchery in one hit, splatting its purple substance all over Bob. Bob sees the victory and says "En Taro Ta-" but is cut off when broodlings suddenly attack him.

Epilogue Edit

In a manner similar to a puppy, a lone zergling plays with the force field and licks it.

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In-game Refrences Edit

  • The immortal has exaggeratedly high strength against armored targets in this episode, even being able to destroy a hatchery in one hit. This is a reference to their very powerful weapons against buildings, especially since zerg buildings and units have no armor or shields.
  • When attacking an expansion near another base, the protoss player sometimes casts a block with sentry's force field in order to block the enemy from protecting their natural expansion.

Video Edit

StarCrafts Episode 10 Onslaught

StarCrafts Episode 10 Onslaught

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