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Obnoxious Executor
Obnoxious Executor
Vital statistics
Race Protoss
Gender Male
Affiliation Blue protoss
Allies Blue protoss
Enemies Blue terran

Purple zerg

Red Team

Status Active
Debut Nucleared

Obnoxious Executor is the recurring protoss executor.

History Edit

Obnoxious Executor is not shown in past episodes until his first appearance in "Nucleared" where he warns the protoss base about the nuclear launch, even though the nuclear strike is actually targeted on a zerg base far away.

He appeared in the first part of "Burning Tide", where he repeatedly attempted to build more probes despite the nexus's building queue being full. However, a terran attack force destroyed the nexus, causing it to explode.

He reappeared in "Not Enough Minerals" where he repeatedly spoke about insufficient minerals, withdrew newly-deployed probes due to lack of pylons, pointed to the enemy drone tapping the nexus in high alert, and warned about the probe under attack, but turned out that probes and drones' weapons are very weak.

In "A Miner Probelem", he appeared to warn the protoss that the probes were under attack, but after seeing that they had already been destroyed by a widow mine, he closed the nexus window.

In "Carrier Career", when the carrier captain ran out of minerals to spend on interceptors, Obnoxious Executor called him on Skype to state the obvious.

In "Archon Mode", he as the Executor One had gave up because of frequent switch of micro-management and macro-management until Executor Two made a new command called "Archon Mode". Both executors work together on protoss base to command their units with using abilities, sparing probes in danger, and A-moving warriors on opponents.

Description Edit

Obnoxious Executor lives inside the nexus and keeps the main base in order. He often pops out of the window to complain the other protoss units and probes (even the players) about the lack of minerals, warriors under attack, etc.

He spends the rest of his day pressing buttons such as probe button to build probes even if the queue is already full, commanding protoss warriors using an A-move. He is able to communicate air units and ships using an instant messenger.

Personality Edit

Obnoxious Executor is an over-protective, anxious, and absent-minded grumbler. He bursts out of any building outside nexus to sound off probes' obvious mistakes.

Quotes Edit

  • "Not enough minerals!"
  • "You must construct additional pylons!"
  • "You must place that in the power field!"
  • "We require more vespene gas!"
  • "That must be placed on vespene geyser!"
  • "Base is under attack!"
  • "Our warriors have engaged the enemy!"
  • "Probes are under attack!"
  • "Nuclear launch detected!"

Trivia Edit


Obnoxious Executor's red counterpart

  • Obnoxious Executor is officially planned to be added in StarCrafts Mod as an additional decoration to the nexus building. When a player has lacks requirements, the said executor reveals out of nexus and utters any of the specific quote.
  • Because of his behavior, many fans decided to call him "obnoxious", hence the name to a particular executor in StarCrafts is "Obnoxious Executor."
  • Obnoxious Executor has a Red Team counterpart in PvP.
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