Not Enough Minerals
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date March 22, 2014
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Not Enough Minerals is the first episode in the fourth season of StarCrafts. It is the fifty-first episode overall.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Obnoxious Executor on the nexus' window. He utters, "Not enough minerals!" at the probes, working on mineral harvesting busily, many times. When a new probe is deployed, he grabs its forehead and says, "You must construct additional pylons!" before throwing it inside and into the cage, along with other caged probes and a stockpile of minerals.

He pops up on the screens and again yells, "Not enough minerals" three times, making the probes jump in surprise. As a probe carries the warping ball, Obnoxious Executor pops out of the pylon and obviously warns, "You must place that on the power field!" A probe irritatedly places it, while the cybernetics core is warped in.

He grabs the probe's hands and says "You require more vespene gas!". He again pops up behind vespene geyser and annoyingly says "That must be placed on the vespene geyser!", when the probe tries to warp in an assimilator. He points at the red drone, warning "Base is under attack!" 

As the probe gets near the drone tapping the nexus harmlessly, Obnoxious Executor jumps out of nexus from nowhere and speaks "Our warriors have engaged the enemy!" When the drone taps the probe, he exclaims "Probes are under attack!" on the mineral field, even if only one probe is softly touched and the latter zaps the drone painlessly.

When nothing happens, the executor looks at an idle probe with disappointed eye, points down the mineral field and says for last time, "Not enough minerals!" 

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In-game Refrences Edit

  • This episode reveals how protoss players react when an executor often tells about the lack of requirements, enemy warnings and misplaced warp-ins.

Cultural References Edit

  • The red drone is an example of a scouting unit other than fast-paced zerglings and usually overlords,

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StarCrafts Season 3 Episode 1 Not Enough Minerals

StarCrafts Season 3 Episode 1 Not Enough Minerals

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