Season 1, Episode 4
Air date August 22, 2015
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Illidumb Hunting
Nazeebro is the fourth episode of the first season of HeroStorm.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Raynor, Valla and Nazeebo at the blue team's altar. Nazeebo catches toads and spiders to prepare for combat. He attempts to join a lane with Noobther but Noobther walks away. The game starts and the gates open. Nazeebo looks at the red team's fortification to see Arthas. Arthas charges toward Nazeebo wielding Frostmourne. Nazeebo retaliates with a toad. Arthas is confounded by his choice in weaponry. Nazeebo urges the toad toward Arthas. Arthas, seeing Nazeebo's weak weapons, laughs. Nazeebo kicks the toad into Arthas's face and begins dumping a jar of corpse spiders onto him, causing him to scream. Nazeebo summons a zombie wall to surround Arthas.

Epilogue Edit

The zombies sink into the ground around a dead Arthas. Nazeebo hits him with a spitball. He checks to see if anyone is looking and places a toad on his corpse.

Characters Edit

  • Nazeebo
  • Valla
  • Raynor
  • Noobther
  • Arthas

Trivia Edit

  • This episode's name is a portamenteau of the words "Nazeebo" and "bro".

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