Mineral Line Up
Season 5, Episode 18
Air date May 6, 2017
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Mineral Line Up is the eighteenth episode in the fifth season of StarCrafts. It is the one-hundred third episode overall.

Plot Edit

The episode start with group of zealots, led by Bob the Ragelot, surrounding an unseen object and slicing and stomping it (even uttering an angry mob-esque manner) at the mineral field and pylon. However, it turns out that they are just getting rid of rock plate blocking the ramp. After that, they make a warcry, and several of them flex their muscles and eat a slice of raw steak—as if they are having a roid rage. Another does a push-up with gateway weighing on his back.

A medivac dropship arrives, dropping three marines behind the mineral field to shoot mining probes down in cheesing tactic. When zealots are alerted, more marines appear to finish the probes. Angered in response, they charge at the terran and leap-attack. However, only one zealot walks through the narrow passage in a mineral field gap and dies at marines' close attack range, followed by line of zealots in same result.

The remaining zealots and probes finally rush in, but the marines quickly depart via dropship. They are met by disruptor's purification nova although it is supposed to pulverize marines in single explosion. Bob survives the blast, as the only zealot alive. He looks at the disruptor in disappointment. Humiliated, the disruptor floats away, saying "reboot in progress."

Epilogue Edit

While Bob is still sitting in his another defeat, somebody throws a ball of paper and empty can on him. It turns out that Sgt. Patches and Crackhead on the medivac dropship taunting with his bottom patch and laughing at the zealot, respectively.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

In-game References Edit

  • It would be a disadvantage for close-combat units to attack ranged units with a very narrow passage, such as mineral field gap, since only one small unit can pass through it.

Cultural references Edit

  • Group of zealots uttering a victory cry after the rock plate is removed is a reference to animated meme Supa Hot Fire done by the rappers. The group cheer from the Supa Hot Fire video is played.
  • The scene of zealots attacking the marines from above is a reference to the intro of 2003 animated series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Video Edit

StarCrafts Season 5 Ep 18 Mineral Line Up

StarCrafts Season 5 Ep 18 Mineral Line Up

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