Mineral Drone
Mineral Drone's debut in GL HF
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Race Zerg
Gender Unknown
Affiliation Purple Zerg
Allies Purple Zerg
Enemies Blue Terran, Blue Protoss
Status Deceased
Debut GL HF

Mineral Drone is a regular Drone in StarCrafts.


Mineral Drone debuted in GL HF, where he gave a mineral to the Mineral Overlord and then attempted to mutate into a Hatchery to be loved by Queen in a new expansion by fighting over it with a Probe.

In Got 99 Probelems, he chased off the Probe.

In Burning Tide Part 2, he signalled an Overlord for evacuation from the rising lava tide. However, the overlord misunderstood him and gave him his mineral back instead of evacuating him. He was then killed by the rising lava.


Mineral Drone's last moments

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