"No one can stop death!"

Malthael is Melee Assassin Hero in HeroStorm. He is the main antagonist in the Diablo III expansion Reaper of Souls.



Malthael depicted as a tall angel with black robes and neon blue wings. He also wielded two scythes which he used to kill enemies.

  • Malthael wing color is depicted neon green while in the official Blizzard trailer, it is depicted grey/pale white.
  • Malthael head was funnily long in the Carbot version. This is due to Malthael original design that has long hood top.

Malthel is often silence in the series or heared saying "No One Can Stop Death". He is also depicted a bit silly and fearless, oftenly attacking enemy without strategy.


Malthael Carbot

In Reaper of Souls

Malthael first appearance is in Diablols: Reaper of Souls III trailer. In the trailer, Malthael appear from the shadows, making one out of two Horadrim that confronted him fell accidentaly into the pit of the dungeon, Tyrael was startled about Malthael appears and he slowly says "Malthael..??", Malthael respond with bending his head rightward, then he kills one horadrim that was still alive. Malthael then fly up and cast his death shroud which knockback one of the horadrim and reap the souls from the last horadrim. Seeing all the horadrim was defeated, Tyrael the go hiding behind a rock and says "The Nephalem will stop you", Malthael easly responded "No One Can Stop Death", then he claim the black soulstone that was imprisoned, but he got intercepted by a treasure goblin which steal the black soulstone before Malthael touch it. Seeing this, Tyrael and Malthael was confused and they start hitting the goblin head with their weapon,however the goblin open a portal to the Nexus and escaped.

Malthael second appearances on Hero Storm Episode 25: "No One Can Stop Death" is a continution of the Reaper of Souls trailer. In the episode, Malthael was curious about the goblin escape and he peek his head inside the portal, seeing an oppurtunity, Tyrael kick Malthael butt which cause hime to enter the portal. After entering the portal, Malthael meet Diablo, Dehaka, and Cho'gall which are a warrior class in Heroes Of The Storm, Malthael then shouting and starting to attack Cho'gall and melted him which are a references from the Heroes Of The Storm community that say that Malthael melted (counter/destroy) tank in game. Then Malthael turn his attention onto Diablo and start to attack him as well, Diablo was helpless and also get melted by Malthael. Seeing the agonizing death of his allies, Dehaka burrow hiself into the ground to escape. Malthael then meet Murky and planned to kill him as well, but instead, he got defeated by Murky and his corpses were swarmed by flies. His corpses also have some green slime from Murky abilities.


Malthael can summon a death shroud that can reap enemy souls from its body. He can also melted warrior heroes and oftenly floating above the ground.


Trivia Edit

  • In the Reaper of Souls trailer, Mathael bend his head rightward a bit to response Tyrael confusion, however in the Carbot version, Malthael bend his head rightward all the way to the hips for joke purpose.

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