Locust is the zerg ranged unit spawned by the swarm host.

swarm of locust

Overview Edit

Locusts' eggs pop out of the mushroom-shaped incubator after being internally produced. As they hatch, they often walk or fly (if upgrade is available as flying locusts that can swoop onto land to become ground units) on one direction until their time-out. They attack using acidic saliva like a dart.

They obey the orders of swarm host where they are spawned.

Endless Locusts, first appeared in "ZvZ", indicate about the exaggeration of swarm hosts spawning unlimited number of locusts.

Appearance Edit

Locusts are team colored with a lighter shade, and they shape like curled teardrops. Being cartoonishly cute due to their simplistic expression and appearance, they are actually deadly when it comes to battle with swarm host rush. They have tiny legs in order to crawl, and wings as flying locust upgrade. At the tip of the teardrop arms with acidic saliva when it always points toward in front of the enemies.

Personality Edit

As shown in "A Swarm Welcome", locusts idly play around the swarm host as they hitch a ride on the incubator, unless the swarm host commands them where to go into the assault.

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