Here is the list of StarCraft II's official structures arranged by race. They are graphically remade by CarBot Animations for StarCrafts Mod. [1]

Protoss Edit

Icon Structure Details
TBA Assimilator Oddly-shaped structure with two diamond containers pumping up and down.
TBA Cybernetics Core Circular structure with smaller circles and "loaves" on its back.
TBA Dark shrine Floating dark-blue tower over a pyramid base with four crystals surrounding it.
TBA Fleet Beacon Conic structure with glowing globe on its top and a hollowed-out quarter circle on its base.
TBA Forge Pear-shaped structure with a flowing lights,
TBA Gateway Small structure with stairs leading to a Khaydarin crystal as a teleportation source, secured between two arches.
TBA Nexus Pyramid-shaped building with Khaydarin crystal floating and rotating above. Its top of the structure is oscillating.
TBA Photon Cannon A floating ball-shaped turret fires cannons in eight directions. It drops and sleeps when the power is out.
TBA Pylon An enormous rotating Khaydarin crystal is floating with a golden ring suspended on its middle (although it looks like crescent)
TBA Robotics Facility Bowl-shaped structure with a bulbed arch and flowing lights.
TBA Robotics Bay Bowl-shaped structure with three vacuum cleaners.
TBA Stargate Ring-shaped levitating structure with flowing lights and bulbs.
TBA Templar Archives Altar structure with a throne where a high templar sits on it and levitates with powerful charge.
TBA Twilight council Pot-shaped small structure with three lighting columns.
TBA Warp Gate Same as gateway, but widens two arches apart without changing its crystals' property.
TBA Shield Battery(?) Bowl-shaped structure with a power socket connected to an enormous dry cell and long cable plug, acting like a charger.


Icon Structure Details
TBA Armory Circular platform with two towers. When upgrading, an SCV massages a hellbat.
TBA Barracks Box-shaped structure with a door
TBA Bunker Dome-shaped structure with three visible windows and on square base. When units enter, its indoor light turns on.
TBA Command Center Ball-shaped structure with with four support legs and round ceiling.
TBA Orbital Command Enormous disc antenna rotates on command center in eight directions
TBA Planetary Fortress Round turret with twin cannons and uniform eye, fires in eight directions, checks around and under its foot, sleeps, smiles like a baby, and cries.
TBA Engineering Bay Box-shaped structure with stacked rifles and cylinder. When researching, the marine trains as in boot camp.
TBA Factory Like barracks, except it has a ledge on rooftop and four corners, larger entry with ramp, and spiked anchor legs.
TBA Fusion Core Tubed power plant with four light cells
TBA Ghost Academy Volcano-shaped structure with a loading bar and four color columns.
TBA Missile Turret Rotary missile tauret with twin launchers on square base.
TBA Refinery Two pumping silos, unlike original refinery with one chimney and vacuum chambers.
TBA Sensor Tower Tower with a TV antenna and monitor, and a marine lounging on a rocking chair.
TBA Starport Triangle-shaped structure with wings, three mini wings, and a circular departure ceiling door on a hexagon.
TBA Supply Depot Retractable half-cylinder house. Extra supply is box-shaped house.
Add-Ons Edit
Icon Unit Details
TBA Reactor Giant hamster wheel with a marine sitting on it and an electroencephalograph. When researching, a marine exercises inside it.
TBA Tech Lab Small lab with a window and two glasses, When researching, a marine dances in a house party and liquid oscillates in glasses, and plays the music Arriba Mami.


Icon Structure Details
TBA Baneling Nest Enormous green acid ball with four spikes and a stuck baneling underneath, floating with membranes over the base eggs and a hatched egg with a hidden critter.
TBA Creep Tumor Small cap-shaped rock.
TBA Evolution Chamber Worm-shaped structure with doubtful face, four spikes, carapace and tail.
TBA Extractor Irregular-shaped structure with four horns, middle shell and sacs.
TBA Hatchery Volcano-shaped structure with eight horns, three mouths and three closed eyes
TBA Lair Evolved from hatchery, two extra but smaller horns on each base corner, four small horns on the top, and an angry middle eye.
TBA Hive Evolved from lair, extruded small horns on the top, toothed snarling middle mouth and bloodshot eye.
TBA Hydralisk Den Fan-shaped structure with a calm face and horns. When researching, it dances gleefully.
TBA Lurker Den Umbrella-shaped structure with triangular toothed mouth and eyes, U-shaped cap and small spikes.
TBA Infestation Pit Maggot-shaped structure with eight legs and two flapping arms, and an exhausted round face.
TBA Nydus Network Boulder-like head wanting to take in units with wide mouth and munching them after loading. When taking damage, it covers its face and puckers. It is also called "Nidas Butt".
TBA Nydus Worm Faced worm with a stalked mouth between sandwich eyes, hands and tendrils.
TBA Roach Warren Dome-shaped creature with eyes, two small teeth, and shears, placed on a bowl. When damaged, roach warren screams in pain.
TBA Spawning Pool Circular swimming pool of fluid with a smaller kiddie pool. When researched, a zergling swims around.
TBA Spine Crawler Legged base with a long spine.
TBA Spire Mushroom-like tower with face on its top and stalks.
TBA Greater Spire Evolved from spire, fiercer and larger face.
TBA Spore Crawler Legged base with a mouth similar to Peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies.
TBA Ultralisk Cavern Hydralisk-like structure with round surprised face and two combat horns.

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