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Laughing Viper is a recurring red viper in StarCrafts.

Description Edit

Laughing Viper first appears in Team Work, where they repeatedly abducted a siege tank out of an archon's range, allowing the tank to attack it with impunity. Laughing Viper later laughed at the archon's death in an act of schadenfreude. In an epilogue, Laughing Viper was seen consuming a hatchery with a straw, destroying it.

Laughing Viper appeared in Alliance, using many tactics such as abducting a siege tank line, abducting a baneling into a group of zerglings, and abducting a ghost underneath an area targeted for a nuclear launch. He later laughed at Bob the Ragelot, Sgt. Patches, Crackhead, Slave SCV and Patchling's hopeless situation as they were massively outmatched by the Red Team. However, due to their neglect of their buildings, their buildings were all destroyed, causing the Red Team to lose the match and killing him during his laugh.

Personality Edit

As his name implies, Laughing Viper is easily amused and can often be seen laughing, especially at the misfortune of others.

Abilities Edit

Laughing Viper possesses standard viper abilities such as flight, abducting, and consuming. However, Laughing Viper has much more energy than a regular viper, as they have been seen using abduct several times in succession.

It is unknown whether Laughing Viper possesses blinding cloud, as they have never been seen using it (except for the purple viper in "Fog of War").

Trivia Edit

  • Laughing Viper, Derpfestor and Mineral Drone are the only recurring characters who have died.
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