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Hydralisk is a zerg ground ranged unit, or a melee unit when in the melee range with an

Description Edit

Hydralisks have stalked heads with a zigzag mouth that resembles teeth and their bodies are shaped like a snake with arms (or a naga). They are armed with one-bladed arms, unlike in StarCraft II with multiple spikes and razors. They are paternal figures as shown in "Attention Seeker".

They attack with needle spines by 'spitting' them at the enemies.

Known Hydralisks Edit

  • Screaming Hydralisk
  • Camera Hydralisk (or Hi-dralisk, Fourth-wall Hydralisk)

Trivia Edit

  • Hydralisks were the most popular zerg unit in original StarCraft series, second to zerglings.
  • Hydralisks were debuted in "Halloween Special 2012", though another ranged zerg unit, roaches, were first.

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