Season 1, Episode 7
Publication date November 28, 2015
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"Let the slaughter commence"

Hopeless is the seventh episode of the first season of HeroStorm. It stars WronchiAnimation as the guest voice of Leoric.

Plot Edit

In the Infernal Shrines, several minions on both sides are shown fighting. Suddenly, Leoric arrives, scaring the blue minions. Leoric defeats several minions with ease. Suddenly, Thrall arrives to attack him. Thrall easily dodges Leoric's attacks and jumps toward him to retaliate but is hit by Leoric's Drain Hope ability. However, instead of magically draining hope from the enemy's soul as described in-game, Leoric drains his hope by insulting him and telling him stereotypically depressing phrases, such as "Your parents never loved you" and "No one cares about your Facebook status". Thrall is saddened by him and begins crying, allowing Leoric to hit him with his mace and crush him.

Epilogue Edit

Leoric is shown using Drain Hope on Chen by insulting his obesity. Chen is depressed by him and begins drinking brew to drown his sorrows. Leoric attempts to attack him but does minimal damage due to the temporary shields gained from drinking brew.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only regular non-holiday special with voice acting.

References Edit

  • The scene in which Leoric swings at the minions is a direct reference to the Sauron scene from Lord of the Rings.
  • One of Leoric's insults to Chen is a reference to Farham from the Diablo series.


Transcript Edit

  • Blue Minion: (unintelligible orders)
  • Red Minions: (unintelligible grunts)
  • Blue Minion: (unintelligible orders)
  • Red Minions: (unintelligible grunts)
  • Blue Minion: (unintelligible orders)
  • Red Minions: (unintelligible grunts)
  • Blue Minions: (battle cry)

(Blue Minions trembling in fear)

  • Leoric: Let the slaughter commence! (grunt)
  • Blue Minions: (pain screams)
  • Leoric: (evil laughter) Mmm...? (evil laughter)
  • Thrall: (effort) Hahaha!
  • Leoric: (using Drain Hope on Thrall) You were a mistake! Your parents never love you! Blizzard doesn't love you! No one cares about your Facebook status! You have no friends! You will never repay your student loans! Your credit card declined! You are worse than the Diablo 3 Auction House!
  • Thrall: (cries)
  • Leoric: (using Drain Hope on Thrall) You're so ugly Hello Kitty said 'bye' to you! You're so stupid you tried to wake a sleeping bag! (laughs)

(crush Thrall) (HeroStorm logo)

  • Leoric: (laughs) (to Chen) Your cat didn't get lost, it run away from you! Look at you, tubby! You're so massive Protoss Tempests do extra damage to you! You are so fat you were two watches because you cover two times zones! I should stop insulting how fat you are you've probably had nothing on your plate! (laughs)
  • Chen: (cries)
  • Leoric: Sad panda. (laughs) You're so drunk you make Farnham look sober! Santa isn't real! No one cares about your Faceb... (sighs)

(Heroes of the Storm theme plays with the credits)


HeroStorm Ep 7 Hopeless

HeroStorm Ep 7 Hopeless