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The hellion is a terran skirmish unit.

Overview Edit

First appeared in Season 1 episode, "A Hellion of a Harass," hellions in StarCrafts series are speedy terran ground strain, armed with infernal flamethrowers. Throwing a trail of fire incinerates the enemies, mostly zerg units, to ashes. To increase the travelling speed, they use their own turrets as afterburners.

Starting Season 2 of StarCrafts, hellions can be upgraded to a hellbat form. Its acquisition for transformation servos is to research from the tech lab attached to any factory.

Appearance Edit

Hellions are four-wheeled mechanical ground units with a rotary flamethrower turret and windshield.

Trivia Edit

  • Hellions appear less than hellbats in StarCrafts episodes.
  • Hellion is widely known when Derpfestor was playing with it using neural parasite in "A Hellion of a Harass."

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