The hellbat is a transforming terran battle unit based on hellion.
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Overview Edit

Hellbats are more sophisticated than its base form hellion, keeping the infernal flamethrower, however, as a main armament. While throwing a streak of fire, they protect themselves from fire using heat-shielding plates on their chassis arms. To do that, they enclose with both of their plates until the fiery duration is done.

However, they only walk on legs, making them slower than hellion.

Appearance Edit

After being transformed from hellion, the mechanical unit becomes bipedal. Two wheels are worn around shoulders, while the other two are hidden from view. The windshield becomes visor and heat-shielding plates are shown on arms. The turret is left unchanged but is standing on the head.

Trivia Edit

  • In "You Fired", a hellbat asking for blue flame research can enter any building like tech lab, despite its size in-game.
  • When upgrading in terran building armory in StarCrafts Mod, it enables a progress animation of hellbat being massaged by an SCV.

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