Grinchlot is the zealot character appeared only in "The True Meaning of StarCraft."

History Edit

Grinchlot resides in the colossus at the mountain range with his pet the green probe. He did not celebrate StarCrafts with all the units in three races including blue protoss because of his experience back in early league matches: kited by marines and blocked by a supply depot, failed to defend the entrance against zerglings due to metabolic boost upgrade (wings), and even protoss researches such as stalkers' blink ability and sentries' force field which made him pinned against the cliff. He hated the overpowered upgrades and researches and planned to remove them from the game.

He sneaked into the base in late of the game, stealing all minerals, upgrades and researches. As he took all of the abilities, he and green probe reached the highest mountain peak and prepared to dump them into the chasm. He expected the three races to rage quit and misery. However, he witnessed the three races still playing team games and free for all games enjoyable without stimpacks, EMP, metabolic boost, fungal growth, force fields, warp gates, etc. (even saying "GG") Realized his mistake about not knowing the spirit of StarCraft II gaming and stealing allegedly overpowered upgrades and researches, he decided to return them by raining them onto the units.

Being guilty by his actions, he joined the celebration of StarCrafts. He was given charge boots and happily charged into the snowfield.

Trivia Edit

  • Grinchlot is based on The Grinch from Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas! He plays the role in StarCraft II as bronze-league player who despises the "overpowered" units and abilities (also as noobs).
  • Grinchlot can be seen again as cameo in "A StarCrafts Carol," invited by Zeratul along with the green probe. He is shown again on the photograph of StarCrafts "Happy Holidays" card.