Season 1, Episode 5
Publication date October 3, 2015
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GazlOWNED is the fifth episode of the first season of HeroStorm.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with Gazlowe placing a Rock-It! Turret (represented by a tennis ball launcher) which slowly shoots out tennis balls at a blue fortification. Surprisingly, the tennis balls destroy the fortification in seconds. The gate falls over, revealing Stitches. Stitches uses Hook on Gazlowe, but Gazlowe dodges the attack. The hook grabs a stealthed Zeratul behind Gazlowe and pulls him into Stitches's stomach. Gazlowe retaliates with a punch, but it causes him to release poisonous gas, disgusting Gazlowe. Gazlowe runs into the haunted mine. Stitches chases him inside but discovers that Gazlowe has placed a tennis ball machine inside the mine and exited, causing Stitches to exit. However, Stitches encounters an Xplodium Charge outside the entrance, causing him to retreat inside the mines. Stitches encounters more tennis ball machines inside the mines, causing him to leave once again. The Xplodium Charge is still outside the entrance, forcing him to return to the mines only to encounter more tennis ball machines. After several cycles, Stitches is eventually hit by the Xplodium Charge, stunning him and knocking Zeratul away. Gazlowe finishes Stitches off with a Deth Lazor blast.

Epilogue Edit

Gazlowe places several tennis ball launchers around a grave golem. The grave golem looks down to see the turrets. He looks to the left and sees Gazlowe charging up a Deth Lazor blast. He looks down once again to see an Xplodium Charge. The grave golem is then soloed by all of Gazlowe's weapons combined.

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References Edit

  • Two murlocs resembling Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts can be seen sitting on top of the mine exit.
  • In addition, the mine exit slightly resembles Snoopy's doghouse in shape.


HeroStorm Ep 5 GazlOWNED

HeroStorm Ep 5 GazlOWNED