Fenix & Zagara
Season 5, Episode 23
Air date August 5, 2017
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Fenix & Zagara is the twenty-third episode in the fifth season of StarCrafts. It is the one-hundred eighth episode overall.

Plot Edit

Infested drop of roaches are coming to the battlefield where red marines open their umbrellas to shield their impact. A zerg abberation is shown riding on four banelings as wheeled barrage to charge into the battle, frightening the marines off. Zagara is shown crying to attack using two out of four hunter killer-class hydralisks, but they quickly pop out of existence, much to her surprise.

She is immediately surrounded by the Red Team, so Fenix steps into the picture, in Praetor Armor, to use whirlwind ability. He knocks the terran army off using thunderous charge and plants Solarite Dragoon. As he levitates on midair, his dragoon suit unleashes solar cannon to pulverize enemies into dust, pushing them into a roll of ball, and hit Hybrid Destroyer to the horizon.

The Hybrid retaliates by destroying the dragoon in one slash. As he sees Fenix still flying like a helicopter, Fenix is transformed into an Cybros Arbiter, allowing him to recall his Purifier AI champions: Kaldalis the legionnaire, Talis the adept, Taldalin the immortal, Warbringer the colossus, Mojo the scout, and Clolarion the carrier. Talis runs forward and makes a simple tap, detonating the Hybrid and his red terran army.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Fenix appeared as the commander in Co-op missions and Purifier since his dragoon form in "BroodWar in a Nutshell".
    • However, other StarCraft II players still refer him as Talandar.
  • This is the first time Zagara appeared in StarCrafts series since her first appearance in HeroStorm episode, "Trust the Nydus Touch".
  • This is the second time the zerg commander being rescued and saved by another protoss commander, with the first in Kerrigan & Karax.
  • This is the second time zerg units rain down. First was back in "Heart of the Swarm Opening".
  • Original StarCraft dragoon's "For Aiur" quote soundbite is heard when Fenix hits the red army using whirlwind.
  • When Solarite Dragoon uses solar cannon at the massive terran army, it creates a resemblance of protoss DeathBall.
  • Though all Purifier heroes appear in one scene, Probius doesn't appear.

In-game References Edit

  • Fenix is able to transform into three mighty forms, armor form, dragoon form, and arbiter form. When his dragoon form is destroyed, he probably transfers his AI to another unit.
  • When Talis makes a tap on the Hybrid Destroyer, it detonates the whole army. This uses her ability psionic projectile which is more powerful than adept's psionic transfer.

Video Edit

StarCrafts Season 5 Ep 23 Fenix & Zagara Co-op Mission

StarCrafts Season 5 Ep 23 Fenix & Zagara Co-op Mission