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Donut Marine (also known as Fat Marine) is a recurring obese red marine.


Donut Marine debuted in TvT, where he was seen eating a donut amongst the Red Terran Army.

Donut Marine later made a surprise appearance in Alliance where he shot Bob the Ragelot, nearly knocking him off a cliff. He repeatedly stomped on his grip on the cliff in an attempt to knock him off. However, due to the intervention of Sgt. Patches and Slave SCV, Donut Marine was knocked off the precipice, killing him.


Donut Marine looks like a regular marine albeit much fatter. He is always seen holding a donut with pink frosting.


Donut Marine enjoys eating donuts and has been seen eating them in all of his appearances.


Donut Marine is capable of accurately firing a gauss rifle. His rifle also has knockback.


  • In the StarCrafts Mod, there is a random chance that a newly trained marine will resemble Donut Marine in appearance.
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