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Derp Goliath is a recurring orange goliath who suffers from poor pathfinding logic.

History Edit

Derp Goliath first appeared in BroodWar Ep 2, where he was ordered to attack the teal protoss but instead ran around aimlessly with Derp Dragoon due to his large unit size combined with Brood War's poor pathfinding logic.

He has since then made several cameos in Season 4, usually alongside Derp Dragoon.

Appearance Edit

Derp Goliath appears as a large bipedal mechanical walker with orange missile launchers and a grey, opaque cockpit.

Personality Edit

Derp Goliath has been shown to be very clumsy and clueless, as he has repeatedly completely missed his destination. In addition, he has very rarely attacked the enemy team, even when in range.


One does not simply derp into Mordor

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the fact that BroodWar is set in the Koprulu Sector, Derp Goliath has been seen walking through several recognizable locations on Earth such as the Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal.

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