This page is about protoss Deathball itself. For the episode in the same name, please visit "DeathBall (Episode)".

Deathball is the gigantic protoss arsenal that merges almost every protoss unit, controlled by archon. It rolls throughout the ground area except water, lava and even space. It also bounces up on higher grounds from cliffs.

It is composed of one zealot (Bob the Ragelot himself), three or four stalkers, two sentries, one immortal, one colossus, and, of course, one archon.

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  • Deathball in StarCraft II is a protoss strategy which gathers a massive army, mostly ranged units, against enemy races.[1] It is more effective in overwhelming basic defenses and expansion bases. There are most significant protoss units used in deathball:
    • Zealots as lowest tier units for defending stalkers against combat enemies.
    • Stalkers for short-ranged attacks against incoming combat and ranged enemies.
    • Sentries for strong defense with the use of guardian shield ability.
    • Immortals for long-ranged massive attacks against higher-tier, armored enemies.
    • Colossi for both offense and defense against rushes.
    • Archon for better offense with stalkers against all enemy units.

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