David Kim
StarCrafts David Kim
Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Blizzard Entertainment
Allies None
Enemies Blue terran, blue protoss, purple zerg
Status Active
Debut "It's Nerfing Time"

David Kim is a character from "It's Nerfing Time" based on real-life David Kim, the senior game designer and game

balance designer for StarCraft II.

Overview Edit

David is shown checking for balance updates on StarCraft II and decides to enter the StarCraft universe to nerf several units' overpowered researches and upgrades, even the given damage, along with his partner Dustin Browder. He won against a high templar to remove Khaydarin Crystal, followed by reaper (G-4 Cluster Bombs) and siege tank (splash damage), and then ultralisk ramming the nexus. Both David and Dustin then fought off Derpfestor until the rock crashes him.

David checks all of the nerfed items on his checklist and marks them with a pen as they are done balancing the game, except for MULEs retreating from the cause.

Appearance Edit

David Kim Nerf Guns
David wears glasses as shown in the episode and has brown hair. He also wears blue shirt and dark blue pants. He arms with double N-Strike Maverick nerf guns.

Trivia Edit

  • David Kim provided the voice acting for CarBot version of himself in "It's Nerfing Time" episode during the BlizzCon 2013 event, along with Dustin Browder.
  • David Kim reappeared in "A StarCrafts Carol" as cameo appearance, drawn on Tassadar's balance pie chart.

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