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Crackhead is a recurring marine from Starcrafts. He is considered to be the tritagonist of StarCrafts.


It is unknown when Crackhead first debuted, as he did not possess any distinguishing features from other marines and may have appeared in several episodes before his helmet's visor cracked.

Crackhead received his iconic helmet's visor crack in Power Overwhelming, where an archon's psionic power broke his helmet's visor. He has since then appeared in several episodes, usually alongside Sgt. Patches. He also got shot by patches( under derpfesters control)

Appearance Edit

As his name suggests, Crackhead has a large crack on his helmet's visor. He possesses normal marine gear such as the CMC armor and gauss rifles.

Personality Edit

Crackhead is shown to be a close friend of Sgt. Patches, as they have been seen fighting alongside each other in nearly every one of their appearances.

Crackhead enjoys laughing at the misery of others, as shown in BroodWar Ep 7.

Abilities Edit

Crackhead possesses standard marine abilities such as stimpacks and shooting skills. Much like other recurring characters, he is extremely durable, having taken a staggering amount of damage over the series without dying.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of a StarCrafts character Crackhead is coined by CarBot Animations on the second update of StarCrafts Mod.
  • In You Fired, a photo of a medic placing a bandage on Crackhead's broken helmet can be seen in the epilogue.
  • He is always appear as the second marine trained in a barracks, right after Sgt. Patches in StarCrafts Mod.