A changeling

is a zerg spy produced by the overseer

Overview Edit

Changelings have an ability to shapeshift into any basic enemy unit, a marine, zealot or zergling. In StarCrafts, only a marine is always chosen since the zerg's main adversary is the terran more than protoss (and even red zerg). They appear to leave their creator the overseers so that they can spy anywhere around the base. However, they cannot reshape their current form due to in-game logic.

After spying the enemy base by going inside the structure, and peeking through windows, they write down information quickly on a notepad, and give it to overseer so the zerg will know the whereabouts under the fog of war. When they time-out, they explode into a messy goo, similar to what infested terrans do. One of the changelings mockingly laugh at the the enemy before bursting itself, when the spying is successful.

First appeared in "Attention Seeker", a changeling appears to be used as a towel when queen wipes zergling swam from spawning pool.

Sometimes a changeling marine team up with terrans as shown in "TvT," but actually it is spying for the massive terran army standoff.

Appearance Edit

Changelings are fully team-colored but the contrast is darker to indicate their unique color apart from any other zerg unit (however, in StarCrafts Mod, their team-color is normal) They shape like a blob creeping around the ground, unlike in StarCraft II where they have arms.

Transforming into a marine as shown in "I Spy", one of the changelings shape like a real marine until they have teeth on visor. In later episodes like "You Fired", its teeth are now visible like infested terran without wings.

Trivia Edit

  • Changeling can shapeshift into Arthas or an orc in StarCrafts Mod. Also, two more forms other than marine are revealed, a zealot and a zergling, acting the same way.
  • In StarCrafts Plus mode, a changeling can get inside the medivac dropship and attack units on board.

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