A broodling

Broodling is the zerg spawn unit created by brood lord.

Overview Edit

Broodlings fly with brood lords during the air-to-ground combats. When a brood lord attacks a ground unit or structure, he grabs an adjacent broodling and throws it at any target by slinging, spinning and throwing like a lasso, and drops a heavy load of broodling. These can be seen in "Crude Brood."

Also, when broodlings see the enemy unit, they snarl while they are moving, and ferociously chase after units even jumping at the prey climbing up on any structure. They tend to attack in large numbers, capable to destroy the base in minutes due to being unlimited created by brood lords.

Also, when a zerg structure is destroyed as shown in "Onslaught", broodlings ambush the attacker nearby, like a facehugger on Alien franchise.

Appearance Edit

Broodlings are brown-skinned blobs with eyes and toothed mouth. They move by slithering, unlike in StarCraft II with visible legs..

Personality Edit

Although they seem to be small and cute, broodlings actually appear to be fierce and ruthless against terran and protoss race as they easily devour someone on the way. They are more aggressive than zerglings.

Trivia Edit

  • In "BroodWar Ep 3", queen formerly creates two broodlings with the use of ability againt mechanical units instead of main armament.
  • Broodlings don't have team color yet, though tongues tell the difference in "BroodWar Ep 3"
    • In StarCrafts Mod, however, their team color is shown on the body behind their head.

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