Beat by Creep
Season 3, Episode 19
Air date February 22, 2015
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Beat by Creep is the nineteenth episode in the third season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

A queen looks inside a slot in a hatchery and sees 4 larvae on an oven tray. The queen then pulls them out with a changeling oven mitt, vomits larvae spawn on the oven tray, and replaces it in the "oven". Meanwhile, three reapers sneaks up on the hive cluster. Two of the reapers prepares a brick and molotov, but the third reaper slaps it out of their hand. The molotov lands on one of the reapers, setting it's left leg on fire. The reapers then fly in and begin attacking the drones. The queen screams in rage and chases them off the creep, but moves at an exaggeratedly slow speed when off the creep.The reapers sees this and decide to fly back for more harassment. The queen sees this and turns around to defend the drones, but moves extremely slowly without the creep's speed bonus. The camera cuts to the reapers attacking the drones with various weapons, such as a baseball bat and their jetpack's exhaust. Meanwhile, the queen is still struggling to get back on the creep and eventually gets exhausted just inches before reaching the creep. The reapers kills the last of the drones and flies away, except for the one who throws a piece of rock at the exhausted queen.

Characters Edit

  • Queen
  • Larvae
  • Reapers
  • Overlord
  • Changeling (cameo)
  • Drones
  • Battlecruiser (cameo)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time a changeling is used as a household implement. The first is in Attention Seeker, where one was used as a towel.