Battlecruiser is a very powerful terran aerial unit.
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"Battlecruiser operational"

Overview Edit

Battlecruisers sometimes appear in several episodes in order to attack smaller aerial units fearlessly, even their rival protoss carrier. Neverthelelss, they float on skies idly, or they drift around the area to defend terran bases until they are commanded to join the battle in numbers. They also tries to attack a swarm of interceptors one by one by spinning around to obtain a target, causing its crew to be tossing around chaotically.

Appearance Edit

Battlecruisers are almost shaped like originally detailed ones in StarCraft games. They are T-shaped ships with extra parts on its nose that fires laser cannons and massive ability the Yamato cannon from ATA and ATS laser batteries, and its bridge appears on top of it. Yamato cannon sometimes pushes the massive aerial units away instead of disintegrating them into ashes.

Their armor is made of Neosteel, but, however, in "The Twelve Days of StarCrafts" and "Burning Tide Part 2", they are easily broken in half when ultralisks and tempest's ball of kinetic matrix drop upon them.

Battlecruiser Interior

Battlecruiser interior, with the admiral and an crew member

The admiral appears to wear typical marine fashion, save for additional aspects such as hat and mustache. He is courageous when battling against enemies, and pushes the crew to stay focus as shown in the epilogue of "Protoss Party." The rest of the crew are also marines but they have more flight and technical skills than combat ones, since in "Burning Tide Part 2" where they cannot attack the intruder Bob the Ragelot.

Battlecruisers also allow any unit to hitch a ride above them. For example, Bob and Sgt. Patches fight each other on its outer platform.

Trivia Edit

  • Battlecruisers allow zealots to climb on them in StarCrafts Plus mode in StarCrafts Mod.
  • Battlecruiser makes its first appearance in "Heart of the Swarm Opening". However it is a behemoth-class due to its massive size.

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