A banshee

Banshee (or AH/G-24 Banshee Tactical-Strike Aircraft)
is the cloaking terran aerial unit.

Overview Edit

Banshees are possibly feared by protoss and zerg on their bases when they arm with backlash rockets, the air-to-ground armament which destroys unfortunate units and mining units easily, if none of their detectors are available.

Appearance Edit

Banshee appears only in short time in "Shes the Bomb", as she cloaks most of the time. Her design is a little simple but she has both turbofans as a propulsion on midair, and projectile weapons on its sides of the cockpit.

Trivia Edit

  • Banshee appears only in "Shes the Bomb", and she is never appeared again until the presentation of terran units during the StarCrafts Mod livestream production.
    • However, Banshee made her second appearance in "The Magic Box", breaking her gap.

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