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Baneling is a zerg suicide bomber unit.

Appearance Edit

Morphed from zerglings, banelings are as cute as the latter, and they always smile with upper zigzag lip as teeth. They receive head plates above their faces. They have eyes unlike in StarCraft II whose eyes are barely shown. They carry a single sac of acid instead of multiple sacs originally.

When in motion, they move slowly with their claws due to their weight. When in combat, they curl themselves into a ball until they collide with an enemy, causing their sacs to explode with green corrosive fluid.

Trivia Edit

  • As of "Legacy of the Void Opening", team color has been changed to reflect on StarCrafts Mod multiplayer.[1] Their green sacs become team colored, but the brown skin is retained.
    • Last seen in "Alliance Part 3", a red-teamed baneling's skin was team-colored while the sac was green. It brought a slight contradiction since purple-teamed banelings had no purple template.
  • Every episode that features baneling/s except "Nucleared" had them suicide-attacked.
  • Banelings became popular among the fans besides zerglings and infestors. They also received plush toys and fan art.

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