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"Power Overwhelming"

 The archon is a massive protoss ground unit that can be formed by merging any combination of two dark templar/high templar

Overview Edit

Archons are powerful psionic attackers. They use psionic shockwaves as an armament against ground and air units.

During the archon warp, sometimes units are predominantly pushed away by a powerful force of the spherical psionic transformation, as shown in "Power Overwhelming". However, they can lose their power in "TvT" where red stalkers use the mobilized sphere to break through the blue sentries' force fields, and "Legacy of the Void Opening" where the ultralisk plays with the immobile archon.

As they are summoned after the completion of archon warp, archons explode with power from their psionic entity, even storms are cast from their aura. They wear ground armor as a fashion while they still have energy shields, as shown in "Power Overwhelming" where an archon's armor plates are revealed when they are depleted by ghost's EMP shot.


An archon punches a viper

Archons in StarCrafts series also use their psionic powers to merge every ground unit into a gigantic deathball, which were composed of every protoss ground units and it is used to roll over enemy buildings and units, and to bounce onto the cliff. It is first shown in "DeathBall"


Trivia Edit

  • The design of archon in Season 4, or BroodWar season, are simplified since archons in the original StarCraft do not wear armor.

See Also Edit

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